What should I wear?
Wear anything that you are comfortable in that allows you to move freely. We usually work in bare feet or socks if you prefer.
How many appointments will I need?
There are no hard and fast rules about how many sessions you will need or how regularly to come. This is totally dependant on individual goals and personal circumstances. Some clients attend twice a week, some once, some once per fortnight or month. Others may book a couple of appointments to rectify a specific problem and then stop until the problem re-occurs. However the majority of clients view their sessions as a physical journey, a voyage of discovery. They feel so much healthier and fitter using the GYROTONIC® method that they really miss it if they are unable to attend for any reason.
If I’m in pain should I consult my doctor first?
The majority of clients who are in pain are in frequent contact with a medical specialist and it is always sensible to seek their advice. Many medical practitioners will now suggest clients try Pilates or Yoga to help relieve pain especially backache. Unfortunately GYROTONIC® methodology is still relatively un-heard of in this country so you may have to take the information to them. We are more than happy to work collaboratively with any other health care disciplines and receive regular referrals from chiropractors and physiotherapists. Please check out the client testimonials if you are still in doubt as to whether Gyrotonic exercise is right for you.
Who can benefit from using the GYROTONIC® method?
The simple answer is anyone. Nowadays so many people have desk based occupations that poor posture and sore backs are common place. The design of the equipment makes it ideal for senior citizens and helps to alleviate stiffness in the joints. For athletes and dancers the system develops stamina, co-ordination and strength thereby enhancing performance. For those recovering from an injury or surgery the non-weight bearing exercises provide both stimulation and support for the affected area whilst ensuring the rest of the body remains active.
How does Gyrotonic exercise differ from Pilates?
Pilates and Gyrotonic exercise both aim to achieve similar results: A strengthening of the core stability muscles leading to improvements in posture and alignment. Pilates exercises frequently target specific muscles groups whilst the multi-dimensionality of the Gyrotonic movements mean that the whole body is being used throughout, ensuring the development of effective movement patterns. It is probably a matter of individual taste and your relationship with the instructor as to which method is preferred. However it may be worth bearing in mind that the most common form of Pilates mat work classes may be conducted in groups, whereas the use of the Gyrotonic equipment means that the sessions are conducted on a one-to-one basis providing individual attention and help.
Will Gyrotonic exercise help me lose weight?
Gyrotonic exercise can help as part of a weight loss programme. It will definitely alter your physical shape over a period of time as your muscles become lengthened and toned. More importantly as you become stronger you will feel healthier which will encourage you to lead a more active lifestyle. contributing to greater weight loss.
I am older and overweight. I haven’t exercised for a number of years. Can I still use the Gyrotonic equipment?
Of course. Since each session is carefully matched to individual needs and capabilities Gyrotonic exercise is accessible to everyone. If you have further worries phone 07748 103195 to speak directly to one of the instructors.
Can you explain how your ‘buddy sessions’ work?
Buddy sessions involve 2 clients working with 1 instructor. Each client uses their own Pulley Tower. These sessions are ideal for clients with no remedial issues who want to use Gyrotonic exercise to tone up and become fitter. For those requiring assistance with remedial issues we recommend the one to one experience.

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