About Us

In 2021 Fabrice Maufrais Studio took over Penny Withers Studio, established in 2003

The instructors at Fabrice Maufrais Studio all come from a ballet or dance background. We feel this gives us a unique insight into effective movement patterning and, having spent years watching others move in very specific ways, the ability to see and comprehend how our clients are moving. However this does not mean our clients have to have any sort of dance experience themselves. We work with people from all sorts of different occupations who come to the studio for a wide variety of reasons – general fitness, rehabilitation, stress relief to name but a few – all find GYROTONIC® exercise beneficial and enjoyable.

At some stage in our careers we have regrettably incurred injuries. Whilst traumatic at the time this experience provides us with firsthand knowledge not only of the physical but also the psychological aspects involved in rehabilitation allowing us to relate and support clients who come to us in pain or after an injury or surgery. We are adept at breaking down movements and then rebuilding them, continuously refining them in the process. At the other end of the scale we are also used to the pressure elite athletes apply to their training regime and are more than happy to support a rigorous physical programme.


The studio is located in Glasgow’s West End. It offers a warm and welcoming environment in which individual needs are paramount. The tranquillity of the setting allows for maximum concentration whilst a calm and relaxing atmosphere pervades.

List of equipment:

2 Pulley Towers
Jumping Stretch Board