What to expect

When you arrive for your first session the instructor will discuss your individual needs and any specific concerns you may have. In order to gain the maximum benefit from using the GYROTONIC® method you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire detailing any issues we should be aware of especially in relation to your joints, spine or general physical health.

The instructor will then show you the Gyrotonic equipment and explain the principles underlying the movement system by demonstrating the first few movements you will be performing. As you begin the instructor will give you verbal feedback and may assist you by physically guiding some of your movements.

Whilst performing the movements you will feel some stretching as the body opens up. At no point in your session should you feel any pain. The next day you may be aware of having worked and stretched the whole body but again there should be no actual pain.

Throughout the session you will be encouraged to give feedback to your instructor. Sometimes in the initial stages this can be difficult as it may be tricky to verbalise these new sensations. However the effects of Gyrotonic movements are cumulative and over time clients become extremely physically aware.

By the end of the first session you should feel taller and more mobile. Many clients also feel lighter and energised. Those clients who present with remedial problems generally find their pain is reduced. These effects last for varying lengths of time depending on each individual. Subsequent sessions will enhance the effects especially as the movement patterns become more natural and organic.

Over a period of time:

  • Your body will change shape
  • You will feel more energetic and much less tense
  • You will feel stronger and more mobile
  • You will have a better understanding of your body